Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
Ānanda Oracle Deck
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Ānanda Oracle Deck

€ 44,00

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This is a 44-card deck that can help you to get more clarity and guidance in those needed moments of your life.

For example, if you’re having a shitty day, sit down, pull some cards, and get uplifted again.

Let’s say that you’re in doubt about making a decision, sit down, pull some cards, and get clarity.

Or for example, you just want to take a moment and connect with yourself using the deck, then sit down, pull some cards, and flow.

The messages of the cards are stunningly accurate, you will see that for yourself once you have yours.

This card deck is like no other because the design and artwork are all made out of natural stuff, leaves, shells, and water.

Of course then a picture and digitalize it to be able to print. But as we said, this deck is unique.

Besides its undeniable beauty, the message of every card is powerful, but to know this, you’d have to have your deck.


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What’s a card deck… In case you don’t know.

It’s a set of cards that can be considered as a tool.

A tool to get clarity, guidance and we like to say, messages from your higher being and the universe.

In this case, this deck contains 44 cards. Every one with a different intention, purpose, and message.

How to use the deck

It’s important to say that there is no right or wrong way to use it.

The way we use it is to get the deck, place it with both hands next to your heart, and then ask a question or put an intention, whether is out loud or thinking of it.

Then, shuffle the deck and wait until one or two or even three cards fall out.

More than that number or cards would be a long message, but up to you.

You can also spread them in a circle or semicircle and get the ones that somehow are “calling” you.

Then get the booklet and read the full message of the card or cards.

Here's a video explaining how to use it.



the cards can give you insights and inspiration that guide you in the right direction.



you can use the card deck in; women circles, retreats or for example with your own Full/New Moon ritual.

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the card deck is here to show you moments of bliss while receiving messages for your soul. Did you know ĀNANDA means bliss?



pulling a card can give you confirmation of something(s) that you already know deep down inside, which helps you strengthening your intuition.

Why the ĀNANDA Oracle Deck?

Besides the fact that all cards contain handpainted backrounds, all messages are channeled, it is a beautiful oracle deck for everyone.

If you are looking for guidance/answers/confirmation, the card deck gives you confirmation of things you already know or feel.

It's a beautiful tool to strengthen your intuition and inner compass.

When you are craving more rituals in your life, the card deck can be used in a daily morning routine, the intention of the day, or for example right before you go to bed. We recommend everyone to journal which cards you pull and how they make you feel in the moment.

During Full and New Moon you can also create a special ritual for yourself while working with the card deck. For Full Moon, you can ask the card deck: what am I here to let go of?

New Moon asks for intention setting and could be more of a question like: what do I need to focus on the upcoming month?

It's all about letting the card deck work her magic.

Here we show you different spreads you can create for yourself.

Past-Present-Future Spread

ask a specific question and see what the cards want to tell about your past, present and future around this topic

Our Customers

Read actual testimonials from our beautiful customers. We are grateful for our customers & all the people around the world who are using the deck for themselves, rituals or retreats. We could not be more grateful!


About the Creators

Singer/songwriter and energy worker Joëlle Jelisa created the online program ĀNANDA in 2020 where she has guided over 150 women in getting closer to themselves, through a program consisting of breathwork, Reiki & hypnotherapy.

Illustrator, videographer & yoga teacher Sascha gets her inspiration mainly from the nature of the island of Ibiza. At the moment she is focusing on documenting several artists in their journey.

For the past 2 years, Sascha and Joëlle have hosted 6 retreats together, launched the oracle deck, and started a podcast on Spotify (ĀNANDA podcast), where each episode they pick a card from a card deck and shine their light on it.

Sascha and Joëlle have both lived in Ibiza for more than 8 years and love to combine business, pleasure, and consciousness in their daily lives.

The card deck is "the most heartfelt project" they have created so far.

ĀNANDA Oracle Deck

Get yours here, for you or as a present for the loved ones.