This is us

We are Sascha and Joëlle, both Dutch girls living in Ibiza for more than 7 years.
We love to combine business and pleasure, so often you see us working in nice spots on the island or the beach.

In 2021 Joëlle asked Sascha to design and create the Oracle Deck together with her.

Sascha said yes and also helped with the first ĀNANDA retreat in May 2021.

From that moment on we work together on everything.

We space hold the ĀNANDA retreats, The Lead By Intuition Teacher Training, we give healing/reading sessions, we have a podcast 'Cards & Cava' we guide circles and of course: we created the ĀNANDA Oracle Deck for almost 2 years.

It's the most heartfelt project we've made so far.

We cannot wait to spread our baby out in the world and let it sprinkle the magic on all of us!

Here to see the Card deck