The ĀNANDA Oracle Deck has been created as an extension of the ĀNANDA online program and the ĀNANDA retreats, with the last retreat will be in October '23.

This and all the amazing women they guided over the years were all the base of great inspiration for the Oracle deck that they have been working on for almost 2 years.

Sascha created all the backgrounds of the cards in the nature of Ibiza. With help from shells and leaves, guided by Mother Earth she found the sweet spot of colors, blends, and symbols that suited the deck.

Joëlle channeled all the texts, prayers, activations, and affirmations you can find in the oracle deck. Every card got a lot of love and attention to get the best and most beautiful results.

Sascha & Joëlle melted their gifts and talents together in 2021 and they are just getting started.

stay tuned for events, creations & the ĀNANDA podcast.